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Control Logix For AutomationsSaffire Solutions understands that a profitable, safe and sustainable operation is your goal. As your partner, we offer industry and technology-specific expertise to address your unique challenges and meet your goals. Our commitment to you is to help reduce project risk and provide solutions specific to your needs – executed globally and supported locally.

Optimize Your Operation

As your partner, we start with an important step often overlooked in today’s competitive business world: we listen, to learn about your company, your issues and your goals – for today, tomorrow and the future. After we understand your unique situation, we draw on our global pool of in-house experience and partner resources to deliver tailored, repeatable, scalable and maintainable solutions.

Protect Your Investment

Beyond providing you peace of mind, as we help you keep your plant running, we’ll assess your entire operation and recommend the right mix of services to help maximize productivity, optimize plant assets and improve your overall financial performance.

Our engineers and project managers leverage broad and deep domain and industry-specific expertise to conceptualize, design, implement, deploy and maintain integrated control, power, safety and information solutions anywhere in the world. Take advantage of proven, flexible scope of supply, comprehensive system documentation and responsive, local system testing and support for your projects.

Saffire Solutions- Automation Integration Services include:

  • E-Software Solutions
  • Control Systems
  • Control Systems

    We couple the flexibility of a dedicated, focused team approach with the ability of a large company to provide the following:

  • Front End Engineering
  • i. Requirements evaluation and cost, benefit analysis.
    ii. Budgetary estimates and ROI input for capital approval processes.
    iii.Develop a roll out strategy and schedule for manufacturing plants.
    iv. Automation studies.
    v. Upgrade strategies and planning.
    vi. Requirements definition.

  • Specialists in System Design, Engineering, Simulation, Integration

  • System Configuration, Coding, Testing

  • Production line and Packaging Plant Automation Solutions
  • Fiercely competitive markets are driving your customers to offer an exhaustive breadth of products. That means packaging equipment must be flexible enough to keep up with frequent line changes and scalable enough to handle the introduction of new products.

    At the same time, your customers demand customization with greater speed and accuracy — and shortened lead times.

    Services for the Packaging Industry:

    Secure, Remote Diagnostics for Simplified Maintenance

    Through its seamlessly integrated, information-enabled automation solutions, Saffire Solutions empowers packaging machine builders to provide secure, remote access. Monitoring critical parameters and taking action before equipment fails can help keep machines running – while saving vital time and money for both machine builders and their customers.

    Optimized Energy

    As a leading provider of industrial automation, control and information solutions, Saffire Solutions can help machine builders design more energy-efficient packaging equipment. Leveraging automation systems from Saffire Solutions you can design machinery that allows your end users to be strategic managers of their energy and environmental resources. They can gain better control over how they use energy, reducing the burden of energy costs on profitability.

    Big Impact for Any Size

    Saffire Solutions control solutions are flexible and scalable enough to accommodate a wide range of capabilities and application sizes so packaging machine builders don’t pay for more than they need. In turn, they can develop machines offering the right amount of control, power and information with the freedom to make future adjustments using the same architecture.

    Seamless Integration

    Saffire Solutions provides integrated, scalable control and information solutions that address a full range application needs, including discrete, motion, drive and safety. Seamlessly interacting technologies enable packaging machine builders to quickly deliver flexible machines that respond to new market demands.

    ** Saffire Solutions Automation system comes with PLC of Resource Data Management.

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