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Control Logix For AutomationsSaffire Solutions has been in a constant work to make our living a clean, greener and more eco friendly place to live. We believe in “Let us make a greener today for a better tomorrow.

This means we are at constant work in saving energy and power, so that we can save some for our coming generations.

We Endeavour the best technologies to make this happen. We have introduced the LED Lighting which saves more over 80% of the power rather to the conventional lighting systems. So using lesser power reduces the total amount of the CO2 emission. More over using LED gives more flexibility to cater the purpose in desirable & effective way with less power.

We also introduce our range of automation products which brings a whole new era of automatic working. Automation means lesser man force and accurate work which intern give you a mistake proof work in lesser time.

The all new control system for production unit a simple application on your android base mobile, which will let you know what’s going on your production line, whether you are in plant or anywhere else.

All these bring your factory a better energy efficiency and better control on your process.

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