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Investment & Power Saving Plan- Services

Saffire Solutions provide complete Investment & Power saving plan.
Saffire Solutions’ s expert engineer will visit your site and will do survey. On the basis of survey report and customer’s need, complete Investment and power saving plan will be provided. This plan helps customer to have an idea about how much investment is required in a particular project. Also ease the procurement process as quantity of lights required is with customer.
The power saving plan covers complete details like electricity rate per unit, hours of working of light used, no. of light used, no. of light required, days of operations, yearly uses and etc.
The power saving plan provided by saffire solutions is near to accurate with variation of +- 10% comparing to practical conditions.

Project Services

Complete project solutions are provided by saffire solutions. Project solutions covers following area: -
Identifying of points for installation of LED Lights-
As per drawing provided by customer or site visit, saffire solutions’ s engineer will plan and identify exact location where LED Lights to be installed.
Types and number of LED Lights required –
As per the drawing and customer requirement saffire solutions’ s engineer will provide detailed report mentioning no. of LED Lights to be installed. This report will also cover the LUX level which will come upon installation of LED Lights at different points.
Installation of LED Lights
Saffire solutions also provide service of installation. Our expert installation team will install the new LED Lights and also will uninstall old lights if required.

Customization Services-

Saffire solutions provide a special service of customization of LED Lights. Our expert will customize the LED Lights as per requirement of the customer or project need.

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